Experiential Training at Yiyuan

14th,June,we organised a training in the evening.We invited a professor called Mr.Ma to show us a experimental training Actually,at the beginning,our personnel had no passion.Then,we have played some games and our passion was driven up. The main purpose of this training is to nurture our sense of teamwork.Lack of team spirit is a problem we […]

News, 2013

Selection voltage regulator supplier in China

Yiyuan Electric Co., Ltd promots sorts of Voltage Stabilizer,such as Voltage Stabilizer for Home, Voltage Stabilizer for Industry, Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer, Three Phase Voltage Stabilizer, Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, Servo Voltage Stabilizer, Contact Voltage Regulator, Hanging Voltage Stabilizer, Electronic Voltage Stabilizer and etc. voltage stabilizers are widely used in power unstable regions/countries, help the factories […]

News, 2013

How does wind turbines to realize the voltage stabilization?

During wind turbines step up, stabilizer mainly play the role to convert generator output transmission, and through the interconnected power grid to the end user’s key role. The output voltage range of the wind turbine usually is from 480 v to 690 v. In today’s wind power project WTSU regulated power supply mainly displays in: […]

News, 2013

What’s Power Inverter?

What’s Power Inverter? A power inverter is a device that converts DC power (also known as direct current), to standard AC power (alternating current). Inverters are used to operate electrical equipment from the power produced by a car or boat battery or renewable energy sources, like solar panels or wind turbines. DC power is what […]

News, 2013

Electrical Engineering And Electronics – ELEKTRO’2013′

  It’s a graet honor of Yiyuan electric to participate in the annual Russian ELEKTRO ‘2013’ in June show. And our BOSS who attaches great importance to the Russian market ,together with the russian client manager to attended in this exhibition on Moscow. They took deeply conversation with the customer, and visit our cooperated old […]

News, 2013

An unforgettable traning in shenzhen

Author:Candice Start on 9th,,we six colleagues went to the train from wenzhou to guanzhou ,and after totally one whole day ,we arrived the guanzhou on the night. Tommorow morning ,we were sitting one the meeting room and waiting for the technical director.Before we don’t look him yet,and in our thought he would be a mddle-aged […]

News, 2013

About the training – Dean

Author:Dean I have been in this team for one month and a half.And we have been trained about our products in Shenzhen two weeks ago.Two days seems a little short for us,but it’s a long trip,a long learning trip.It’s realy an important opportunity for us to make ourselves better,a better salesman.This trip brought a lot […]

News, 2013
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