How to choose a solar power system for my house?

More and more people choose solar power system to provide electricity for their house. Depending on people’s different needs, there are three main types of residential solar power systems: on-grid, off-grid (also called standalone) and hybrid. This article will focus on off-grid and help to choose the best equipment for your home.

The first thing is to investigate your home’s electricity usage, checking your bill of last month is a good way. As we can get solar every day (Generators are helpful in rainy or cloudy days), it’s more affordable to store enough electricity for one day. Generally speaking, a medium family uses 10Kwh a day, so we suggest two pieces of 5.12Kwh of YIY Lifepo4 battery packs.

Secondly, paying attention to how long is the sunshine in your country. Solar panels=Battery/Sunlight hours. For example, people in the United States can get around 5 hours high intensive solar energy, so the middle family needs 2048W(about 7 pieces of 320W) panels and one 48V40A mppt solar charger.

For inverter, please add up the power of your home appliances that will be used simultaneously then get the capacity of inverter which you need. YIY inverters have 300% surge capacity, so no need to worry about high startup surge.

If you decide to install a solar power system, please ask us to complete the necessary permitting and steps. We ensure that all equipment is installed correctly and oriented and titled in such a way to maximize the daily and seasonal solar energy received and produced by your system.

Post time: Aug-02-2018