April 2, 2018

Introduction of YIYEN Super power 100KVA voltage stabilizer

SBW super power voltage stabilizer includes compensation transformer and regulate transformer.

The regulate transformer has to be full copper since only copper can be made into smooth surface to allow carbon brush move smoothly. And compensation transformer be available for ALU or copper depends on users’ decision. There are two control boards on stabilizer, and one board is for stand by requirement could be transferred by switch near the board.For the output voltage, there are A, B, C three-phase voltage show on the screen, and it could been seen each individual voltage data on display. Whats more,the output voltage could be adjusted by manual once you turn to switch from auto to manual. There are push buttons of step up and step down for your operation. The last step is bypass function, when stabilizer in faulty mode, it could be transferred into bypass mode to use city power directly. Kindly note pls press stop button first and turn on the by bass switch.

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