Welcome Mr. Hamil toVisit Our Factory

On 2nd September, Mr. Hamil from Kenya came and visited the factory. Our CEO Alex and sales manager Janette received the guest with warm welcome.

First, Alex showed him our product showroom, where all the products including voltage regulators, inverters, MPPT solar charge controllers and Lifepo4 battery packs are displayed in order.

Then we went to the workshop and testing room for the samples. Our technicians made modifications about the input protection function according to specific requirements from the LED lighting market in Kenya. With the help of the technicians, Mr. Hamil are satisfied with the test result for the samples. He placed a formal order immediately.

Finally, Mr. Hamil and Alex settled down all the details and signed the contract. Both parties look forward to mutual development.


Hamil Visit YIY Factory

Post time: Sep-06-2017