OPQ Modified Sine Wave Inverter

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  • High frequency switching technology for compact size & light weight;
  • MCUmanagement,intelligent control;
  • Anodized aluminum case provides durability & max heat dissipation;
  • The detachable plug convenient to carry on and easy to change the connecting line;
  • USB output can offer the power to all kinds of digitals
  • Built-in cooling fan;
  • Status indicator lamp;
  • Power ON/OFF switch
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  Item OPQ1012 OPQ1012E
Battery Mode DC Input Nominal Voltage 12Vdc(*2For 24Vdc)
Battery Over Voltage 16Vdc
Battery High Voltage 15.5Vdc
Battery Low Voltage 10.5Vdc
Battery Shutdown Voltage 10Vdc
AC Output Outputt Waveform Modified Sine Wave
Output Power 700W 1400W
Surge Power 2*-Prated
Nominal Output 120Vac 230Vac
Output Votage Regulation ±10%
Output Frequency 60±0.1Hz 50±0.1Hz
Efficiency >80%(Rated R Load)
Bypass AC Input Nominal Voltage 120Vac 230Vac
Input Voltage Regulation Wide Narrow Wide Narrow
75-150 90-150 90-280 170-280
Input Frequency Low Detect 40Hz±1Hz
Low Comeback 42Hz±1Hz
High Detect No limit
AC Output Output Waveform As Same As Input
Nominal Output Valtage
Output Frequency
Efficiency >95%(Rated R Load)
Control Cooling System DC Fan
Protection Overlaod, Short Circuits, Over/Under Input Voltage, Over Temperature, High/Low Output Voltage
Display 3-LED
Audible Alarm Buzzer
Environment Operating Temperature 0℃ to 40℃
Storage Temperature -15℃ to 50℃
Operating Humidity 0% to 90%
Operating Attitude 1500m

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