Power Inverter Selection Guide

Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Battery Charger

PSW7 Series

1 GEN.

1kW to 6kW


Line-Interactive UPS

Efficiency 85%

High overload ability (300%/20sec)

AC Output Voltage Customize (100V 110V 120V 220V 230V 240V)

AC Output: Single Phase / Dual Phase/ Split Phase

Battery Voltage 12V 24V 48V (Base Output Power)

Un-limtied Load Applicability

Un-limtied Battery Buckup Time

Remote Control Function (RMT)

10ms Typical Transfer Time Between Battery and AC

Protection: Overload, Over Temperature, Over Charge, Output Short Circuit, Fan lock,Battery Low Voltage

Power Saver Function

Battery/AC Priority Mode Selection

Auto Setting Frequency 50/60Hz

Output Waveform at Load 50%, THD < 10%

Built-in Charger Current Controller

Battery Type Select

PFC Charge Function 3-Stage Intelligent Charger

CE Certification UL Standard

Communication RS232 (optional)

AP Series

2 GEN.

1kW to 6kW


Base on PSWW7 Series

Full Cuprum Transformer

PFC Charge Function 4-Stage Intelligent Charger.

LCD Display (optional)

Auto Generator Starting (optional)

APP Series

3 GEN.

1kW to 6kW


Base On AP Series

Low Idle Consumption

Output Waveform at Load 100%, THD < 10%

Built-in MPPT Solar charger Controller (optional)

HP Series

4 GEN.

2kW to 18kW


Base On APP Series

Output Waveform at Load 100%, THD <7%

Efficiency Up to 88%

Low Idle Consumption

Charge Rate Up to 120Amp

8 ms Typical Transfer Time Between Utility & Battery

LCD Display

Battery Temperature Sensor (BTS)

HP-mini Series

5 GEN.

600W or 1kW


Same as HP Series

Small Exterior Size

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