Something about Product Knowledge Training


Last month Our Foreign Trading Department spent a whole week to learn more knowledge about our pure sine wave inverter in Shenzhen.

One of us has not taken trains before,.so she was very excited all the time in the train.Even the we spent more than 30 hours on the road..but we still feel very happy.because Shenzhen we have not been before.

We arrived at Shenzhen already about night, so we went to the hotel to relax ourselves first.Of course we had full energy to go to the factory next day after a good rest.Our engineer from Shenzhen YiYuan company was very excited when we reached in the factory. He lead us to visit the lab and the workshop.We have learned how to test a product before finished.And we are so curious about everything in the workshop.At last, we install a machine by ourselves where we got a deep impression from.

The learning days are too short, we have to go back to Wenzhou, but this trip impress me deeply.I can’t never forget this trip cause we have not only learned the knowledge of product,but also the friendship between ourselves.We hope we can have a trip like this time every year!


Post time: Jun-15-2013