How does wind turbines to realize the voltage stabilization?


During wind turbines step up, stabilizer mainly play the role to convert generator output transmission, and through the interconnected power grid to the end user’s key role. The output voltage range of the wind turbine usually is from 480 v to 690 v. In today’s wind power project WTSU regulated power supply mainly displays in:

1,Harmonic and related electronic control non sinusoidal load and generator

2,No over voltage, under voltage or over load protection sizing

3,Demand for ‘through’ instantaneous events and fault

4,Some ideas for special need of design and construction

Wind resources are often located in remote areas, far away from the existing public facilities, and access to widely different energy density. These factors make the high volatility of wind energy resources, can experience up to 25% of the main power fluctuations. About 10% of the time, may produce wind from 5-20% of the output capacity per hour. The negative impact of the mutation may affect the power system. Traditional distribution stabilized voltage supply and generator step-up regulated power supply, usually at a higher level of experience more dead load. For insulation thermal stress and natural high. WTSU conversion was not influenced by these issues, but lighter and more variable load can lead to other problems, such as:

Core losses: the core loss can become an important economic factor underload or idle regulated power supply. Up425da operated by 30-35% of the average load plan of price for using conventional calculation formula is not applicable; Thermal cycle: variable load can put is twisted, clamping structure, seals and gaskets of the thermal stress. Thermal cycle is also contributing to the nitrogen gas is absorbed into the hot oil and only release the oil cooling, bubble formation, can be migrated to insulation and winding, creating hot spots and partial discharge and destruction of insulation. Ready-made distribution design of booster regulated power supply, regulated power supply and electrical generators can not effectively deal with these problems, and will show a higher incidence of insulation and insulation fault.

Post time: Jul-20-2013