9.22Kwh Energy Storage System LiFePO4 battery pack

  1. Khalid Garba

    I am interested in all of your products for marketing in Niamey, Niger.

    Please give:
    1. Comprehensive data and graphs on module performance.
    2. Details of the applicable warranty.
    3. Your financial estimate by module, including delivery to the port of Cotonou, Benin.
    4. And indicate the means for payment.

    I would like to be your partner also in Niger, how should we go about it ???

    Thank you.


  2. Hi;

    I’m interesred in your 7.68Kwh Energy Storage System LiFePO4 battery pack at 52.1v.

    Please provide:
    1. A comprehensive data and graphs on the performance of the module.
    2. Details of applicable warranty.
    3. Your price quote in US$ per module, including home delivery to Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.
    4. Whether or not PayPal is accepted for payment.

    Thank you.


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