Solar Battery System, Solar Batteries for Home

yiy powerwall Home Battery - Energy Storage System ESS

General Models 2.6kWh to 52kWh
( Can be customized )

Battery Votage
General Models 12V 24V 48V
( Can be customized )

Depth of Discharge
100% discharge depth without damaging the battery.

Life span
Long cycle life of 10 years, at least 2500 times on 100% DOD


Customized charger make system life maximization

Unique automatic calibration active balancing technology BMS system

Home ESS
51.2Vdc voltage output suitable for home energy storage system,  communication stations and other application

Communication Port
Standard CAN & RS485 communication port, can meet the requirement of several packages to connect in parallel, Master & Slave relationship, Monitor and otherprolongation functions.

LifePO4 Battery performance 10 times better than normal battery

You don't have to worry about anything. It takes good care of battery

1. Accurately monitor battery SOC to prevent damage from overcharge and overdischarge, Over current / over temperature / low temperature protection, multi-stage fault diagnosis protection ;

2. Single cell Balanced Charging, Balanced and consistent state of each cell in the battery pack

3. The charge or discharge of the battery is managed according to the state of the environment and the battery state, with the best charge or discharge curve of the battery

YIY POWERWALL Engergy Storage System Configuration

Solar Energy Storage System Configuration
Exterior Item Model Rated DC voltage Capacity Power CHG.A DIS.A YIY Standard Configuration (Optional)
Wall-mounted Type 1 LFP12300 12.8VDC 300Ah 3.84KWh 150A 300A 2KW12VDC 60A*2 1.5KW
2 LFP12360 12.8VDC 360Ah 4.61KWh 180A 360A 3KW12VDC 60A*2 1.5KW
3 LFP24150 25.6VDC 150Ah 3.84KWh 75A 150A 2KW24VDC 60A 1.5KW
4 LFP24180 25.6VDC 180Ah 4.61KWh 90A 180A 3KW24VDC 60A 1.5KW
5 LFP24300 25.6VDC 300Ah 7.68KWh 150A 300A 5KW24VDC 60A*2 3.5KW
6 LFP24360 25.6VDC 360Ah 9.22KWh 180A 360A 5KW24VDC 60A*2 3.5KW
7 LFP24200 25.6VDC 200Ah 5.12KWh 100A 200A 4KW24VDC 60A*2 3.5KW
8 LFP48100 51.2VDC 100Ah 5.12KWh 50A 100A 3KW48VDC 50A 3.0KW
9 LFP48150 51.2VDC 150Ah 7.68KWh 75A 150A 5KW48VDC 60A 3.5KW
10 LFP48180 51.2VDC 180Ah 9.22KWh 90A 180A 6KW48VDC 60A 3.5KW
Cabinet Type 11 ESS-10 51.2VDC 200Ah 10.24KWh 100A 200A 6KW48VDC 50A*2 3KW*2
12 ESS-15 51.2VDC 300Ah 15.36KWh 150A 300A 8KW48VDC 50A*3 3KW*3
13 ESS-20 51.2VDC 400Ah 20.48KWh 200A 400A 10KW48VDC 50A*4 3KW*4
14 ESS-25 51.2VDC 500Ah 25.6KWh 250A 500A 12KW48VDC 60A*4 3.5KW*4
15 ESS-30 51.2VDC 600Ah 30.72KWh 300A 600A 12KW48VDC 60A*4 3.5KW*4
16 ESS-35 51.2VDC 720Ah 36.86KWh 360A 720A 15KW48VDC 60A*4 3.5KW*4
17 E5S-40 51.2VDC 750Ah 38.4KWh 375A 750A 15KW48VDC 60A*4 3.5KW*4
18 ESS-45 51.2VDC 900Ah 46.08KWh 450A 900A 15KW48VDC 60A*4 3.5KW*4
19 ESS-52 51.2VDC 1000Ah 51.2KWh 500A 1000A 3*10KW48VDC 60A*8 3.5KW*8
20 ESS-77 51.2VDC 1500Ah 76.8KWh 750A 1500A 3*12KW48VDC 60A*8 3.5KW*8
21 ESS-92 51.2VDC 1800Ah 92.2KWh 900A 1800A 3*15KW48VDC 60A*8 3.5KW*8


Physical Parameters
Item Model Unit Sizes(L*W*H) Shipping Sizes(L*W*H) N.W. G.W.
1 LFP12300 500*530*180mm 625*610*300mm 45kg 50kg
2 LFP12360 500*530*180mm 625*610*300mm 50kg 55kg
3 LFP24150 500*530*180mm 625*610*300mm 45kg 50kg
4 LFP24180 500*530*180mm 625*610*300mm 50kg 55kg
5 LFP24300 800*530*180mm 950*650*400mm 85kg 100kg
6 LFP24360 800*530*180mm 950x650*400mm 95kg 110kg
7 LFP24200 680*400*238mm 815*425*430mm 65kg 75kg
8 LFP48100 680*400*238mm 815*425*430mm 65kg 75kg
9 LFP48150 800*530*180mm 950*650*400mm 85kg 100kg
10 LFP48180 800*530*180mm 950*650*400mm 95kg 110kg
11 ESS-10 778*560*730mm 855*645*980mm 200kg 220kg
12 ESS-15 778*560*1280mm 855*790*1460mm 350kg 380kg
13 ESS-20 778*560*1520mm 855*790*1700mm 430kg 460kg
14 ESS-25 778*560*1760mm 855*790*1940mm 550kg 600kg
15 ESS-30 935*560*1520mm 1005*790*1700mm 550kg 600kg
16 ESS-35 935*560*1520mm 1005*790* 1700mm 600kg 650kg
17 ESS-40 935*560*1760mm 1005*790*1940mrn 650kg 700kg
18 ESS-45 935*560*1760mm 1005*790* 1940mm 700kg 750kg
19 ESS-52 778*1100*1520mm 855*1300*1700mm 900kg 950kg
20 ESS-77 935*1100*1520mm 1005*1300*1700mm 1000kg 1050kg
21 ESS-92 935*1100*1520mm 1005*1300*1700mm 1100kg 1150kg
YIY Home Battery - Solar Energy Storage Battery Package - ESS

5.2kWh video

Company Profile
YIY Electric Company Profile Inverter and Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer

Yiyuan Electric Co., Ltd. is a high and new tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing electrical power products for power supply systems. Our main products are Automatic voltage regulators ( AVR), Uninterruptable power suppliers (UPS), Inverters (INV), Emergency power source (EPS), Battery chargers and Battery Energy Storage System (ESS) etc.

As a result of our attention on quality and reliability, our products have been approved by TLC & CCCF. And we have attained CE, TUV, FCC, PCT and ISO9001 certificates, with UL pending. In addition to our economical prices and customer service, it has helped our products to gain popularity and good reputation globally.

Eight years of specializing production has made our products best-selling in the world market, like Russia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid-east regions, North America etc, and have enjoyed good reputation from the customers all over the world.

Special Service

Made of our clients need, from the product structure, Product appearance, casing LOGO, box & user manual printing, and so on all our clients need.

When you would not deal with us for OEM or ODM, also welcome to work with us for our brand. And you should have clear idea in running the brand and a good ability to expand market.

Ⅲ、Package design:
We offer free package design services to help you meet critical business objectives for OEM. If your company needs a powerful logo or catalog book, also to ask about cheap design services.

After you place an order, you may need the product picture professional for market development and sales promotion, let us know and enjoy our free Photography service.

Ⅴ、Sourcing agent:
When you need any other China electric products which it is relate to our industry, welcome to ask us as your agent to find the right manufacturer for you. We have a good intercommunicate between China manufacturers. And we are the legal company to help you to get the competitive price and good supplier.

How to Order
Contact us
1. Send inquiry from the button below
2. Send E-mail to 4. Call us +86-577 27772136, 27772122
Discuss details
1. Get our quotation
2. Confirm the models & quantity
3. Confirm shipping fee and total price
4. Confirm PI
Make the payment
Make the payment by T/T(Bank Transfer) / Western Union etc.
Delivery goods
Goods will be sent ASAP after payment confirmed.
Receive goods
1. Get tracking number to tracking the pacakge
2. Please cooperate the delivery when the parcel arrived
Order finished
Congratuations! Order finished.

  1. 1
    Is small order less than 100pcs accept?

    Yes, you can buy small order in our online shop

  2. 2
    What kind of payment do you accept?

    We accept T/T, L/C At sight, PAYPAL, Western Uion, Credit Card or MoneyGram.

  3. 3
    What about your delivery time?

    We have a lot of products in stock, the delivery time would be within 3 working days If out of stock , we will check the delivery time for you.Actually, it’s up to your order QTY, but should about 15days for 20’feet container.

  4. 4
    How to ship my order? Is it safe?

    For small package, we will send it by Express, such as DHL,FedEx,UPS,TNT,EMS. That’s Door to Door service. For big packages, we will send them by Air or By sea, ensure the package safety.

  5. 5
    Would you offer FROM A, FROM E or C/O?

    No probelm, we would apply for this certificate to government.

  6. 6
    Where is your market?

    Our products are popular on Middle east, Italy, Australia and Malaysia etc.

  7. 7
    Can you use our LOGO?

    YES, we can use your logo if you have good qualiy and big QTY.

  8. 8
    Can you send goods to YIWU or GUANGZHOU?

    No problem, we have many customers in YIWU and Guangzhou.

  9. 9
    What certificates do you have ?

    We have CE, ISO, IP65, ROHS.

  10. 10
    Do you have a catalogue? Can you send me the catalogue to have a check of all your products?

    Yes, please contact us on line or Email us, then we would send the catalogue.

  11. 11
    Do you have a price list include all products?

    We only have few mainly products price list for your reference. For the others, please kindly send us your demand, then we would quote accordingly.

  12. 12
    I can’t find the product on your catalogue,only have par no. or picture, will you search for me?

    Our catalogue shows most of our products, some new, we didn’t update, so please feel free to contact us with the part no. or picture.

  13. 13
    Could I ask making a new mould?

    Sure,please offer 2-5pcs samples for us design and produce for you.

  14. 14
    How long to make a new mould?

    30-45 days depending on the samples’ complexity.

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