yiy powerwall Home Battery - Energy Storage System ESS

51.2Vdc 100Ah 5.2Kwh rated capacity be adequate for 48Vdc system

25.6Vdc and 12.8Vdc  customizable
50Ah-1000Ah customizable

LiFePO4 32pcs 50Ah battery, 16S2P

Depth of Discharge
Long cycle life 2500 times at least on 80% DOD

High reliability intelligent BMS


Customized charger make system life maximization

Unique automatic calibration active balancing technology BMS system

Home ESS
51.2Vdc voltage output suitable for home energy storage system,  communication stations and other application

Communication Port
Standard CAN & RS485 communication port, can meet the requirement of several packages to connect in parallel, Master & Slave relationship, Monitor and otherprolongation functions.

Represent Capacity Parameters & Specifications

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No. Item Parameters
1 Combination Method 16 Series 2 Parallel
2 Rated Voltage 51.2V
3 Rated Capacity 100Ah
4 Rated Energy 5.12KWh
5 Voltage Range 40-56Vdc
6 Cooling Method Natural cooling
7 Max Charge Current 1C
8 Charge Current 30A(0.3C)
9 Discharge Current 100A(1C)
10 Work Temperature on Charge 0℃~45℃
11 Work Temperature on Discharge -20℃~55℃
12 Storage Temperature -20℃~45℃(In one month)
0℃~35℃(In one year)
13 Storage Humidity <70%
14 Pack Dimension 680±2×400±2×235±2mm
15 Pack Weight 68±2kg

Represent Capacity Components In Pack


Components Specification pcs
Chassis 680*400*235mm(L*W*H) 1
Battery Cell 50Ah 3.2V 32PCS
Electronic Breaker 125A2P 1PCS
LED LED Indicator board 1PCS
Communication RS485 & CAN board 1PCS
Positive Cable 25 mm² 1meter/Red 1PCS
Negative Cable 25 mm² 1meter/Black 1PCS
BMS Main Control Module BSN01 1PCS
Voltage Data Cable —— 1PCS
Temperature Data Cable —— 1PCS