yiy powerwall Home Battery - Energy Storage System ESS

General Models 2.6kWh to 52kWh
( Can be customized )

Battery Votage
General Models 12V 24V 48V
( Can be customized )

Depth of Discharge
100% discharge depth without damaging the battery.

Life span
Long cycle life of 10 years, at least 2500 times on 100% DOD


Customized charger make system life maximization

Unique automatic calibration active balancing technology BMS system

Home ESS
51.2Vdc voltage output suitable for home energy storage system,  communication stations and other application

Communication Port
Standard CAN & RS485 communication port, can meet the requirement of several packages to connect in parallel, Master & Slave relationship, Monitor and otherprolongation functions.

LifePO4 Battery performance 10 times better than normal battery

You don't have to worry about anything. It takes good care of battery

1. Accurately monitor battery SOC to prevent damage from overcharge and overdischarge, Over current / over temperature / low temperature protection, multi-stage fault diagnosis protection ;

2. Single cell Balanced Charging, Balanced and consistent state of each cell in the battery pack

3. The charge or discharge of the battery is managed according to the state of the environment and the battery state, with the best charge or discharge curve of the battery

YIY POWERWALL Engergy Storage System Configuration

LifePO4 Battery Mode List Inverter&Solar
SPEC Capacity DISC C CHG C Dimension(Unit) N.W.(kg) Dimension(Shipping) G.W.(kg) Inverter(MAX) MPPT(A) Solar(W)
51.2VDC50AH 2.6KWH 50A 30A 435*400*238mm 37kg 535*425*300mm 40kg 2KW48VDC 20A 1KW
25.6VDC100AH 1KW24VDC 0.5KW
51.2VDC100AH 5.2KWH 100A 50A 680*400*238mm 64kg 815*425*515mm 78kg  3KW48VDC 40A 2KW
25.6VDC200AH  2KW24VDC 1KW
25.6VDC150AH 3.9KWH 150A 75A 500*530*188mm 48kg 625*610*270mm 53kg 3KW24VDC 40A 1KW
12.8VDC300AH 300A 150A 3KW12VDC 80A 1KW
51.2VDC150AH 7.8KWH 150A 75A 805*530*188mm 85kg 925*610*380mm 105kg 6KW48VDC 40A 2KW
25.6VDC300AH 300A 150A 6KW48VDC 80A 2KW
51.2VDC500AH 26KWH 300A 152A 530*735*1600mm 450kg 780*830*1700 500kg 12KW48VDC 80A 4KW
51.2VDC1000AH 52KWH 500A 250A 1100*735*1400mm 750kg 1400*850*1600 800kg 12KW48VDC*2 120A 6KW