5.12 KWH RV LiFePO4 Battery Pack

Short Description:

LFP12400RV / LFP24200RV / LFP48100RV
  • 16PCS 100AH LIFEPO4 Battery inside
  • 12.8/25.6/51.2Vdc 5.12KWH rated capacity
  • Long cycle life 3500 times at least on 80%DOD
  • High reliability intelligent BMS

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Battery Cell Description
Normal specification
Model LFP12400RV LFP24200RV LFP48100RV
Rated Voltage 12.8V 25.6V 51.2V
Rated Capacity 400Ah 200Ah 100Ah
Rated Energy 5.12KWH
Cell Configuration 4S4P 8S2P 16S1P
Battery Cell 3.2V100AH 16PCS
Standard Charge
Operation temperature range ©charging 0~45°C
Rated charge voltage 13.8±0.1V 27.6±0.2V 55.2±0.4V
Max charge voltage 14.2±0.1V 28.4±0.2V 56.8±0.4V
Overcharge protection 14.6±0.1V 29.2±0.2V 58.4±0.4V
Allowed MAX charge current 220A withstand 30s 110A withstand 30s 55A withstand 30s
Peak charge current 240A withstand 5s 120A withstand 5s 60A withstand 5s
Rated charge current 200A 100A 50A
Recommend charge current <200A <100A <50A
Standard discharge
Operation temperature range ©discharging -20-60°C
Output Voltage Range 10~14Vdc 20~28Vdc 40~56Vdc
Recommend Working Range 11.5-13.5Vdc 23~27Vdc 46~54Vdc
Discharge Cut-off voltage 10V 20V 40V
Allowed MAX discharge current 440A withstand 30s 220A withstand 30s 110A withstand 30s
Peak discharge current 480A withstand 5s 240A withstand 5s 120A withstand 5s
Rated discharge current 400A 200A 100A
Recommend discharge current <400A <200A <100A
RS485 For LCD remote
CAN PC control and monitor
Storage and Transportation requirements
Storage Temperature Less than 1 month:-20~35°C
Less than 6 month:-10-30°C
Storage Humidity 45~75%RH
SOC Storage:60~75% SOC
Transport:45~55% SOC
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimension H*W*D 450*320*240mm
Shipping H*W*D 550*420*360mm
Weight(N.W.) 47KG
Weight(G.W.) 50KG




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