UP Series Bi-Directional Power Inverter/Charger

Short Description:

UP series is a bidirectional power inverter/charger with DC-AC inverter and AC-DC battery charger functions to offer uninterrupted and stable power to loads. UP inverter can minimize electricity bill and optimize the usage of battery power through its builtin EMS system. Its comprehensive HMI offers user configurable and easy accessible operation to preset some basic data and working mode based on different applications.



Product Features:
• Built-in EMS achieves high efficient utilization of power energy among the grid and battery
• Reservation mode allows users to set up time for charging and discharging(peak shaving function)
• Switch time <8 ms ( to off grid mode )
• Can be used in single /dual/ three phase grid structures
• On-grid mode and off grid mode selectable
• Max efficiency 94%, THD<5% under full load
• Battery charging voltage and charging current programmable
• Friendly HMI allows user configuration


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UP Series Bi-Directional Power Inverter/Charger

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Technical Parameter

Model UP 5048E
Battery Type Lead~acid or Lithium~ion
Battery Voltage Range 40~60V
Max. Charge/Discharge Current 100A
Charging Curve 3 Stages
Charging Voltage Depends On Battery Type (Schedule 1)
Output AC (Back Up)  
Rated Output Power 5000W
Max. AC Output Power 5500W
Back Up Switch Time <8ms
Rated output voltage 230V  (Single Phase)
Rated frequency 50Hz
Rated output current 22.7A
Input Voltage Waveform Sine Wave
THDv (@linear load) 2%
No load loss <50W
Output AC(Grid side)  
Rated Output Power 5000W
Max. AC Output Power 5500W
Rated grid voltage 230V(177~267V/90~267V) (Single Phase)
Rated grid frequency 50Hz/60Hz(47Hz~55Hz/57Hz ~65Hz)
Rated output current 22.7A
Power Factor >0.95
THDi <5%
Max. efficiency 95%
Anti islanding Protection Integrated
PV String Input Reverse Polarity Protection Integrated
Insulation Resistor Detection Integrated
Output Over Current Protection Integrated
Output Over Voltage Protection Integrated
Overtemperature protection Integrated
Surge protection Integrated
General Data  
Display LED+LCD
Communication RS485/CAN
Dimensions (W*H*D) 415*488*200mm
Weight 16kg
Installation Style Rack/Wall Mounted
Topology Transformer Isolation
Operating Temperature Range ﹣20~60℃ (Derating Treatment ls Required If The Radiator ls Above 80℃)
Humidity 0%~95% Relative Humidity (No Condensation
Cooling Intelligent Air Cooling
Protection Degree IP20
Max. operation altitude 2000m (>2000m Derating)
Warranty 1 Years
*Schedule 1: Battery Type And Charging Voltage
Battery Type Boost/Vdc Float/Vdc
Gel USA 56Vdc 54.8Vdc
AGM 1 56.4Vdc 53.6Vdc
LiFePO4_LF14 57.6Vdc 54.4Vdc
MnNiCo_N14 54.8Vdc 54.8Vdc
Custom Set The Information According To The Specification Of The Battery


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