IGBT Type / Contactless Type Voltage Regulator

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Voltage Sag Correction, Surge Correction, Continuous Voltage Regulation And Load Voltage Compensation. 

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The YIY-AVC is an inverter based system that protects sensitive industrial and commercial loads from voltage disturbances.Providing fast, accurate voltage sag and surge correction as well as continuous voltage regulation and load voltage compensation.
The YIY-AVC has been optimally designed to provide equipment immunity from power quality events on the supply network.

Working Principle:

The YIY-AVC consists of two converters that are not on the current path between the load and the utility. Instead, the corrective voltage injection is achieved by means of a transformer winding between the utility and the sensitive load. This configuration results in a very efficient and effective method to provide voltage correction with reduced risk of negative impacts on the load. The YIY-AVC requires no batteries as it draws the additional energy required during sag to make up the correction voltage from the utility supply. With no ongoing maintenance costs typically associated with batteries the cost of ownership for YIY-AVC systems is very small. Furthermore, the YIY-AVC contains a redundant internal bypass system that, in the event of overload or internal fault condition, ensures that the load is continued to be supplied from the utility.

Technical Specifications:

Item   Tech. Spec.
Power Capcity   Single Phase :  10KVA-1800KVA
  Three Phase :  30KVA -3600KVA
Utility Input   Power System Three Phase 380V+N ( 3P4W) 3 phase + Neutral (4-Wire)1
Center ground referenced (TN-S)
  Range 220 V – application range 187 – 253 V
380 V – application range 325 – 440 V
  Max Supply Voltage 130%
  Frequency 50Hz/60Hz ±5Hz
  Outage – Control Ride Through 10 ms
  Harmonics2 THDv<3%
Output   Voltage To match nominal input voltage3
  Regulation Mode contactless
  Equivalent Series Impedance < 4% (model specific)
  Control model independent control on each phase
  Partial Correction Derating conditions 1.0 PF at 80% load, 0.8 PF at 100% load
  Power Factor 0 lagging to 0.9 leading
  Crest Factor 300%
  Overload Capacrty from 100% supply Volte 150% for 21S, once every 500s
Performance   Efficiency Typically > 95%
  Sag Correction Response Initial <250ps Complete < 1/2 cycle
  Voltage Regulation Accuracy <±0.5% typical, ±2% max
  Sag Correction Accuracy ±4%
  Continuous Regulation Range ±10%
  Sag correction performance5
Three phase sags
Single phase
60% to 100% for 30 s, 50% to 90% for 10 s
40% to 100% for 30 s
  Partial correction derating conditions6 1.0 PF at 80% load   /  0.8 PF at 100% load
Internal Bypass   Capacity 100% of model rating (kVA)
  Maximum Overload Capacity   (in bypass) 125% for 10 minutes / 150% for 1 minute /500% for 1 s
2000% for 200 ms
  Transfer Time To Bypass < 0.5 ms  /  To Inverter < 250 ms
  Equivalent Series Impedance Bypass < 2.5% typical
Injection Transformer   Transformer Type Dry
  Insulation IEC 60085 Thermal class 200
  Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  Vector Group Diii (delta + 3 independent windings)
Protection   Input over/low voltage protection/ output over/low voltage protection, input over current protection, TX over heat protection, output over load protection etc. Internal
Display   7inch Touch Screen Parameter control, power info, display, fault log, history curve line, etc.
Environmental   Operating Temperature Range 0° C to 50° C (32° F to 122° F)
  Temperature Derating Above 40° C, derate at 2% load per °C to a maximum of 50° C
  Operating Altitude < 1000 m without derating
  Derating with Altrtude 1 % every 100m above 1500m. 2000m max
  Inverter Cooling Forced ventilation
  Transformer Cooling Natural convection
  Humidity < 95%, non-condensing
  Pollution Degree Rating 200%
  Noise < 75dBA @ 1 m
  Working Temperature -25 〜+45°C
  Storage Temperature -30 〜+70C
  IP Grade IP20


Operational Detail:


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