CSB Series AC Converter / Battery Charger DC12V/24V 36V/48V AC 110V/220V 1000W 2000W for RV/Motorhome/Trailer

Short Description:

  • Three stage variable charging voltage algorithm for maximizing the battery lifetime. Bulk, absorb and float
  • Large charging capacity design less charging time needed
  • Adjustable charge current control setting is based on connected battery’s capacity to safely charge batteries and avoid over charging
  • Wide input voltage range
  • High AC to DC converting efficiency design(higher than 80%)
  • Smart fan control for maximizing the performance and fan life
  • Including battery temperature sensor to help maintain the life of the batteries

Product Detail

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Input Voltage CSBXXHXX 184-286Vac full performance
90-184Vac automatically derates to 50% of current Settings.
CSBXXLXX 96-145Vac full performance
70-96Vac automatically derates to 50% of current Settinqs.
Frequency 40Hz to 70Hz
Nominal Input Current at Rated Output <9Aac
Voltage Measurement Accuracy ±8Vac
Frequency Measurement Accuracy ±1Hz
Nominal Voltage CSBXXXXX: XX: 10: 1000W: 20:2000W X: H/L(lnput Voltage Type) XX: 12/24,36/48,12,24,36(48(Battery Voltage Type)
CSB10X1224 CSB10X3648 CSB20XXX
Output Current 75A/37.5A 25A/18.75A 120A 60A 40A 30A
Rated Output Current Manual adjustable  
Current Accuracy ± 6% of full rated output current @25°C, for target currents across the range from 10% rated output (for absorption exit criteria accuracy) to the current limit set point.  
Load Regulation 1.5%  
Battery type selected Four charging voltages can be adjusted manually  
Parallel Outputs Maximum of two AC converter units connected in parallel  
Efficiency 80%  
Input Over/Under Voltage When the voltage is within the input voltage range, the device must be safe.Shutdown or input current limit or other means may be applied when input voltage is out of normal operating range.
Reverse Battery Polarity Protection Non-destructive reverse battery polarity protection with fuses. Unit shall not sustain damage and shall meet all specifications after fuse replacement.
Output over voltage Unit will shut down if Vcharging > Vcharging (target) + 1,0Vdc/1.5Vdc/2.0Vdc/2.5Vdc for more than 2 seconds; unit will restart when voltage <= Vcharging (target) for more than 2 seconds.
Charger over temperature protection The internal temperatures of the charger will be measured by NTC. Based on these measurements, unit will shut down if the temperature exceeds 105°C. Unit will restart when environment  temperature cools to 95 °C.  
BTS(Battery Temperature Sensing) The battery temperature sensor allows the charge controller to continuously adjust charge voltage / charge current based on actual battery temperature. When the battery temperature is over 40 °C,  unit will reduce the charging voltage to Float voltage, also it will reduce the Max charging current by 10% with every two degree of temperature rise. When the battery temperature is over 50 °C,unit will shut down.
4.4 Environmental 
Operation temperature Nominal ambient temperature: 25°C Operating Ambient Temperature range: -10°C to40°C (On the heat sink of DC-DC part, if the temperature is over 90 'C, the Charger Current will be derate to 50% : if the temperature is over 105 C, the Unit will be shut down.)
Relative humidity 5〜95% without condensation  
Noise Unit requirements: below 50dB (A) measured at 1 m distance with fan full working.
Storage Conditions Temperature -20°C to +80°C
    Cooling     Smart fan control
Condition Speed
Heat Sink Temperature T<50℃  OFF
50℃≤T<60℃  50%
T≥60℃  100%
Charger Current I <15%  OFF
15%≤ I <25%  50%
I ≥25%  100%
 Safety UL458,CSA22.2#107.1  
Dimension (D x Wx H) mm 261.4*160*70(mm) 307.4*180*82(mm)
Unit Weight 2.65Kg 4.0Kg
 Gross Weight 2.9Kg 4.2Kg
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