Static Var Generator (SVG)— Three Phase

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Harmonic Control, Reactive Power Compensation, Three-Phase Unblance Control

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Static Var Generators (SVG), also known as active power factor compensators (APFC) or instantaneous stepless reactive power compensators, are the ultimate answer to power quality problems caused by low power factor and reactive power demand for a wide range of segments and applications. They are a high performance, compact, flexible, modular and cost- effective type of active power filters (APF) that provide an instantaneous and effective response to power quality problems in low or high voltage electric power systems. They enable longer equipment lifetime, higher process reliability,improved power system capacity and stability, and reduced energy losses, complying with most demanding power quality standards and grid codes.
Low power factor increases the active energy losses of installations and affects their stability. It is typically caused by inductive or capacitive loads that demand extra reactive power to perform properly. Other contributors to low power factor are harmonic currents produced by nonlinear loads and
the change of load in the electric power system.

Working Principle:

The principle of the SVG is very similar to that of Active Power Filter, When the load is generating inductive or capacitive current, it makes load current lagging or leading the voltage. SVG detects the phase angle difference and generates leading or lagging current into the grid, making the phase angle
of current almost the same as that of voltage on the transformer side, which means fundamental power factor is unit. YIY-SVG is also capable of correcting load imbalance.
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Technical Specifications:

TYPE Series 400V Series 500V Series 690V
Max neutral wire current 10KVar15KVar/
90KVar 120KVar
Nominal voltage AC380V(-20%~+20%) AC500V(-20%~+20%) AC690V(-20%~+20%)
Rated frequency 50Hz±5%
Network Three-phase three-wire/three-phase four-wire
Response time <10ms
Reactive power compensation rate >95%
Machine efficiency >97%
Switching frequency 16kHz 12.8kHz 12.8kHz
Feature selection Deal with harmonics/Deal with harmonics and reactive power/
Deal with harmonics and three-phase unbalance /Three options
Numbers in parallel No limitation. A single centralized monitoring module can be equipped with up to 8 power modules
Communication methods Two-channel RS485 communication interface
(support GPRS/WIFI wireless communication)
Altitude without derating <2000m
Temperature -20~+50°C
Humidity <90% RH,The average monthly minimum temperature is 25℃ without condensation on the surface
Pollution level Below level Ⅲ
Protection function Overload protection, hardware over-current protection, over-voltage protection, power grid voltage imbalance protection, power failure protection, over-temperature protection, frequency anomaly protection, short circuit protection, etc
Noise <60dB <65dB
Installation Rack/wall hanging Rack
Into the way of line Back entry (rack type), top entry (wall-mounted) Top entry
Protection grade IP20

Product Appearance:

Rack-Mounted Type:

Model Compensation
capacity  (A)
System voltage(V) Size(D1*W1*H1)(mm) Cooling mode
YIY SVG-35-0.4-4L-R (Compact) 35 400 515*510*89 Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-50-0.4-4L-R 50 400 546*550*190 Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-75-0.4-4L-R 75 400 586*550*240 Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-100-0.4-4L-R 100 400 586*550*240 Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-90-0.5-4L-R 90 500 675*495*275 Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-120-0.69-4L-R 120 690 735*539*275 Forced air cooling

Wall Mountedd Type:

Model Compensation
capacity  (A)
System voltage(V) Size(D2*W2*H2)(mm) Cooling mode
YIY SVG-35-0.4-4L-W (Compact) 35 400 89*510*515 Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-50-0.4-4L-W 50 400 190*513*599 Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-75-0.4-4L-W 75 400 240*600*597 Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-100-0.4-4L-W 100 400 240*600*597 Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-90-0.5-4L-W 90 500 275*495*675 Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-120-0.69-4L-W 120 690 275*539*735 Forced air cooling

Floor Type:

Model Compensation
capacity  (A)
System voltage(V) Size(D3*W3*H3)(mm) Cooling mode
YIY SVG-50-0.4-4L-C 50 400 Cabinet 1/Cabinet 2 Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-100-0.4-4L-C 100 400 Cabinet 1/Cabinet 2 Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-200-0.4-4L-C 200 400 Cabinet 1/Cabinet 2 Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-250-0.4-4L-C 250 400 Cabinet 1/Cabinet 2 Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-300-0.4-4L-C 300 400 Cabinet 1/Cabinet 2 Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-400-0.4-4L-C 400 400 Cabinet 1/Cabinet 2 Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-270-0.5-4L-C 270 500 Cabinet 1 Forced air cooling
YIY SVG-360-0.69-4L-C 360 690 Cabinet 1  

* Cabinet 1 size: 800*1000*2200mm, can accommodate 5 modules.

* Cabinet 2 size: 800*1000*1600mm, can accommodate 3 modules.

* The table is the standard specification, if you need other sizes, pls contact us for customization.



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