CSB Series AC Converter / Battery Charger DC12V/24V 36V/48V AC 110V/220V 1000W 2000W for RV/Motorhome/Trailer

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Ability to charge Flooded Lead-Acid, Gel, AGM, LiFePo4 chemistries.
The unit will accept a wider range of 90-280Vac input power and convert it to approximately 12/24 Vdc to power charge batteries.
In normal operation, the unit accept AC input voltage and converter it to DC output which has three stage timer-based charging algorithm.

Three stage timer-based charging algorithm
• Most suitable for fast battery charging
• Operate with wider input voltage range
• Compact design
• High efficiency
• Highly reliable MOSEFET base design
• Smart fan control

CSB Specification
Model No. CSB10L CSB20L CSB10H CSB20H
12/24Vdc 12/24Vdc 24/48Vdc 12/24Vdc 12/24Vdc 24/48Vdc
AC Input Voltage Range 70~145Vac 90~286Vac
AC Input Freuency 40~70HZ
Battery Type Select 12V/24V Automatic Recognition 24V/48V Automatic Recognition 12V/24V Automatic Recognition 24V/48V Automatic Recognition
Charging Efficiency ≥80%
DC Output Voltage Charging Type Fast/Float (*2 For 24Vmodel) Fast/Float (*2 For 48Vmodel) Fast/Float (*2 For 24Vmodel) Fast/Float (*2 For 48Vmodel)
Lead-Acid 14.4Vdc/13.5Vdc 28.8Vdc/27.0Vdc 14.4Vdc/13.5Vdc 28.8Vdc/27.0Vdc
Gel 14.0Vdc/13.7Vdc 28.0Vdc/27.4Vdc 14.0Vdc/13.7Vdc 28.0Vdc/27.4Vdc
AGM 14.1Vdc/13.4Vdc 28.2Vdc/26.8Vdc 14.1Vdc/13.4Vdc 28.2Vdc/26.8Vdc
LiFePo4 14.6Vdc/13.7Vdc 29.2Vdc/27.4Vdc 14.6Vdc/13.7Vdc 29.2Vdc/27.4Vdc
DC Output Current Max Charging Current Adjustable
Rated Current 75Amp/37.5Amp 150Amp/75Amp 75Amp/37.5Amp 75Amp/37.5Amp 150Amp/75Amp 75Amp/37.5Amp
Current De-Rating By Input Voltage 1 96-145Vac 100% Rated Current
2 70-96Vac 50% Rated Current
1 184-286Vac 100% Rated Current
2 90-184Vac 50% Rated Current
Current De-Rating By Temperature If the temperature of Heat Sink is over 90℃, the Charger Current will be derate to 50%;when the temperature drops to 75℃, the Charger Current will be derate to 100%
Battery Temperature Sensor BTS-Optional remote Battery temperture sensor for increased charging precision
Protecion Over Temperature,Over Charging Current, Over/Under Charging Voltage;
Cooling Smart fan control
Display 3-LED
Operation temperature -10℃ to 40℃
Storage conditions Temperature -20℃ to 80℃
Mechanical Dimension(D×H×W) 261*168.8*70.7(mm) 296*181.8*70.7(mm) 296*161.8*70.7(mm) 261*168.8*70.7(mm) 296*181.8*70.7(mm) 296*161.8*70.7(mm)
Net Weight 2.75Kg 4.0Kg 4.0KG 2.75Kg 4.0Kg 4.0KG

Rear panel description and operation

CSB-Series-AC-Converter-Battery-Charger-DC12V24V48V-AC-110V220V-for-RVMotorhomeTrailer-3 CSB-Series-AC-Converter-Battery-Charger-DC12V24V48V-AC-110V220V-for-RVMotorhomeTrailer-2
Battery Type Select

The unit can charge four types of batteries, which can be set by dial switch.



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