CSB Series AC Converter / Battery Charger DC12V/24V/48V AC 110V/220V for RV/Motorhome/Trailer

Product Function
Ability to charge Flooded Lead-Acid, Gel, AGM, LiFePo4 chemistries.
The unit will accept a wider range of 90-280Vac input power and convert it to approximately 12/24 Vdc to power charge batteries.
In normal operation, the unit accept AC input voltage and converter it to DC output which has three stage timer-based charging algorithm.

Three stage timer-based charging algorithm
• Most suitable for fast battery charging
• Operate with wider input voltage range
• Compact design
• High efficiency
• Highly reliable MOSEFET base design
• Smart fan control

CSB Specification
Model No. CSB10L CSB20L CSB10H CSB20H
12/24Vdc 12/24Vdc 24/48Vdc 12/24Vdc 12/24Vdc 24/48Vdc
AC Input Voltage Range 70~145Vac 90~286Vac
AC Input Freuency 40~70HZ
Battery Type Select 12V/24V Automatic Recognition 24V/48V Automatic Recognition 12V/24V Automatic Recognition 24V/48V Automatic Recognition
Charging Efficiency ≥80%
DC Output Voltage Charging Type Fast/Float (*2 For 24Vmodel) Fast/Float (*2 For 48Vmodel) Fast/Float (*2 For 24Vmodel) Fast/Float (*2 For 48Vmodel)
Lead-Acid 14.4Vdc/13.5Vdc 28.8Vdc/27.0Vdc 14.4Vdc/13.5Vdc 28.8Vdc/27.0Vdc
Gel 14.0Vdc/13.7Vdc 28.0Vdc/27.4Vdc 14.0Vdc/13.7Vdc 28.0Vdc/27.4Vdc
AGM 14.1Vdc/13.4Vdc 28.2Vdc/26.8Vdc 14.1Vdc/13.4Vdc 28.2Vdc/26.8Vdc
LiFePo4 14.6Vdc/13.7Vdc 29.2Vdc/27.4Vdc 14.6Vdc/13.7Vdc 29.2Vdc/27.4Vdc
DC Output Current Max Charging Current Adjustable
Rated Current 75Amp/37.5Amp 150Amp/75Amp 75Amp/37.5Amp 75Amp/37.5Amp 150Amp/75Amp 75Amp/37.5Amp
Current De-Rating By Input Voltage 1 96-145Vac 100% Rated Current
2 70-96Vac 50% Rated Current
1 184-286Vac 100% Rated Current
2 90-184Vac 50% Rated Current
Current De-Rating By Temperature If the temperature of Heat Sink is over 90℃, the Charger Current will be derate to 50%;when the temperature drops to 75℃, the Charger Current will be derate to 100%
Battery Temperature Sensor BTS-Optional remote Battery temperture sensor for increased charging precision
Protecion Over Temperature,Over Charging Current, Over/Under Charging Voltage;
Cooling Smart fan control
Display 3-LED
Operation temperature -10℃ to 40℃
Storage conditions Temperature -20℃ to 80℃
Mechanical Dimension(D×H×W) 261*168.8*70.7(mm) 296*181.8*70.7(mm) 296*161.8*70.7(mm) 261*168.8*70.7(mm) 296*181.8*70.7(mm) 296*161.8*70.7(mm)
Net Weight 2.75Kg 4.0Kg 4.0KG 2.75Kg 4.0Kg 4.0KG


Rear panel description and operation

Battery Type Select
The unit can charge four types of batteries, which can be set by dial switch.