June 15, 2013

About the training – Dean


I have been in this team for one month and a half.And we have been trained about our products in Shenzhen two weeks ago.Two days seems a little short for us,but it’s a long trip,a long learning trip.It’s realy an important opportunity for us to make ourselves better,a better salesman.This trip brought a lot to us indeed.

Actually,on this trip,our team lived together,worked together and studied together.Becaus of this experience,we became closer,we helped each other and solved the problem we met.We talked,had fun,we knew more about who we are and how to get on well with our guys.It’s a grate number of gains.

Before going to Shenzhen, I’m just learning some theoretical knowledge, feeling a little boring point unreal feeling, however, I am surprised that there is a theory and practice of combining large experience, which makes me learn faster, experience deeper, I also deeply appreciate the care and thought leadership, an objective which has contributed to the theory of self improvement and understanding of all aspects of. The light learning the the boring theory is somewhat bored, have a good teacher to explain, the effect is not the same. Has been said that this is the case, the study of the theory is to look at your understanding, even if you learn only one sentence you useful, it is harvested. As long as you really understand, and that there is help for your future work. To look back, in this guide training days, observation, inquiry, try to practice, even hands really deepened my own impression of the products, equipment, etc.

In short, this training learned a lot, let me have a deeper understanding on product knowledge,more or tell myself long way to go, need to continue to explore and try, need to continue to learn the expertise to equip themselves with their own. This is not just a simple educational technology training is not just for the experience of life, let me into the work faster and better, but more importantly is to make that they can adapt to the environmental accumulation textbook not learn something, to promote their own professional development.

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