Advanced relay compensation stabilizers Training

As an leading manufacture of stabilizers & inverters & LiFePO4 batteries, YIY factory not only has professional engineer groups, also has skilled sales team. From time to time, the sales will be trained to better serve customers.

In June 2018, stabilizers expert Mr.Qian organized a training about advanced relay compensation stabilizers. Please check the following pictures:

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First Expert Mr.Qian informed the different input ranges for the relay compensation stabilizers.
Single phase input range: 140-280vac, output 220vac+/-3%, input range 150-290vac, output
230vac+/-3% , 3phases input range:242-485vac, output 380v+/-3%, input range: 260-502vac,400V+/-3%

And of course we have 120VAC output model, For single phase With input range: 85-156vac, output 120V+/-4%, input range: 85-164vac, output 147-284vac, output 127V+4%( special range designed for South American market).
For 2phase input range:147-270vac, output 120/208VAC+/-4%, Input range: 147-284vac, output 127/220VAC +/-4%

In order to let all the sales better understanding, expert Mr. Qian draw the inside transformer circuit and analyze all details to ensure every sales grasp the features of our advanced stabilizers, please refer to the following pictures.

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At last, Expert Mr. Qian informed us the advantage of the relay compensation stabilizers, this one is less cost than SERVO MOTOR stabilizers, but response time is much more fast than servo motor, in future the relay compensation stabilizers will take place of the servo motor type.

With consistently hard working, we are sure YIY will be your best Choice !!
Choose YIY, choose bright future!!

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Post time: Jul-11-2018