An unforgettable traning in shenzhen


Start on 9th,,we six colleagues went to the train from wenzhou to guanzhou ,and after totally one whole day ,we arrived the guanzhou on the night.

Tommorow morning ,we were sitting one the meeting room and waiting for the technical director.Before we don’t look him yet,and in our thought he would be a mddle-aged micro fat very educated man .When he came in,how surprise it was ,such a young and energetic.

First ,he tell us the concept of inverter ,which actully belongs to UPS zones and coz it acts inverter function most of its use life we called it inverter.and later we know many useful information from his lessons.

That our AP series inverters amazing features: 1)Combination of an inverter,solar charger, battery charger and AC auto-transfer switch into one complete system with a peak conversion efficiency of 88%.

2) Can be easily customized to Battery priority via a DIP, this helps to extract maximum power from battery in renewable energy systems. 3) 13VDC battery recovery point ,automatic using renewable energy system like solar system4)Charger current can be selected from 0% to100%5)A protection that is 15S delay before transfer when AC resumes.6) Make according to UL standard and with CE certificate7) Available for choosing Frequency of HZ50 or HZ60 to demand different requirement.

And then we looked the assembly of inverter,which consists of control panel and transformer and MPPT(if it is APV solar inveter).It made us more impressive on how it was.

Though the training stayed 2 days,seems short ,actually we learned a lot .It is An unforgettable traning indeedly.

Post time: Jun-15-2013