Experiential Training at Yiyuan


14th,June,we organised a training in the evening.We invited a professor called Mr.Ma to show us a experimental training
Actually,at the beginning,our personnel had no passion.Then,we have played some games and our passion was driven up. The main purpose of this training is to nurture our sense of teamwork.Lack of team spirit is a problem we face at present.This training exposed our real problem and tought us how to fix it. Fundamentally,we have to change our values.We are a team in YIYuan,it’s a family,what we have to do is to contribute our intelligence and sweat,not just finish the work.This trainning brought us a lot,maybe it will be a opportunity to do something change inside of our company.


Professor Ma very passionate

We need to build a team of in-house trainers. It’s a significant reduction in the company of limited training funds, and secondly, the company has cultivated a group of experts in various fields, once again, we can also build up in the staff to learn from that nurtures self-learning ideas.


Professor Ma Idea

It’s never too old to learn.
Communication is a bridge of a team, no communicative is blind.
Foster teamwork, enhanced sense of teamwork.
Details determine success or not.
These are what we have to strengthen at present.
Best wish,our company will grow up with employees.

Post time: Nov-21-2013