SVC(II) Single Phase AC Stabilizer

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SVCⅡseries high precision automatic AC stabilizer, which is our company Self-research late-model products. It receives take the previous type, also have more excellent properties, as like low dissipation, strong instantaneous overload ability, low noise, long service life, and pleasing appearance. It is the first choice for family using.

APPLICATIONSMainly used in office equipment. Test equipment, medical equipment, industrial automation equipment, household appliances, lighting system, communication system, etc.


Input voltage single phase 160-250V, three phase 277-430V
Output voltage single phase 220V or 110V, three phases 380V or 220V
Stabilivolt precision phase voltage 220V±3% and 110V±6%
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Adjustment time < 1 S(while Input voltage change less than 10%)
Efficiency >90%
Overvoltage prorection 246V±4V
Ambient temperature -10℃-+40℃
Relative humidity < 95%
Temperature rise < 60℃
Waveform distortion No
Load power factor 0.8
Dielectric strength 1500V/min
Insulation resistance >5MΩ


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Specification SVC-II -500VA SVC-II -1000VA SVCII-1500VA SVCII -2000VA SVCII-3000VA SVCII-5000VA SVCII-8000VA SVCII-10000VA SVCII-10000VAVertical
Input Phase Single phase
Voltage AC150V-250V/50V-130V
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Output Voltage 220V±3%,110V±6%
Capacity 400W 800W 1200W 1600W 2400W 4000W 6400W 8000W 8000W
Frequency 50Hz/60 Hz
Protection Low Voltage AC186V±4V
OverVoltage AC246V±4V
Time Delay 3-7sec/3-7min Selectable
Over load / short Ciruit Yes
Packaging pcs per Carton 4
Shipping Wt. 16.6 21.35 23.15 7.9 11.45 20.8 27.65 30.5 35
Package DImensions 415X340 X245 495X390 X284 340X205 X280 360X305 X280 445X305 X280 565X370 X318 335X395 X600

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