TSD(II) wall Servo Type Automatic Voltage Regulator

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IntroductionTSD series servo type AC voltage stabilizer, which is an improved design of SVC series products, comes with superior quality, enhanced functions and modern design.Capable of being mounted on wall, it saves space significantly.It mainly features in a modern design and various protections against, over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, over temperature and time delay, enjoying a great popularity for residential, hospital, commercial applications etc.

Electrical Specification

Input voltage Single-phase 150V-250V Single-phase 50V-130V Delay time 3-7 Sec/3-7 Min Selectable
Input voltage Single-phase 220V Single-phase 110V Overload/Short Circuit protection Yes 20% overload,60 Min 40% overload,30 Min 60% overload,5 Min
Accuracy of voltage stabilization 220V±3%;110V±6% Over temperature protection value 115℃
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz Ambient temperature -5~+45℃
Adjusting time <1s (when input voltage varies<10%) Relative humidity ≦90%
Efficiency >80% (Work) >95%(No Load) Waveform distortion No additional waveform distortion
Over-voltage protection value 246±4V (For 220V) 92±2V (For 110V) Power factor 0.8
Under-voltage protection value 184±4V (For 220V) 123±2V (For 110V) Dielectric strength 1500V/ 1min
Insulation resistance ≥2MΩ

Mechanical Specification:

Model Product Product Size(LxWxH) Packing Size(LxWxH) Net Weight Pcs/Carton
TSD-0.5VA 29 18.5 14.5 cm 45.5 32.5 35 cm 17.65 Kg 4
TSD-1VA 29×18.5×14.5 cm 45.5×32.5×35 cm 25.6 Kg 4
TSD-3VA 39×26.5×16 cm 46.2×36.4×23.6 cm 13.6 Kg 1
TSD-5VA 39×26.5×16 cm 46.2×36.4×23.6 cm 16.55 Kg 1
TSD-8VA 44×30×17 cm 50.5×40.4×26.2 cm 25.8 Kg 1
TSD-10VA 44×30×17 cm 50.5×40.4×26.2 cm 28.75 Kg 1

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