Advanced Static Var Generator, Active Harmonic Filter, Three-phase Unbalance Manage (3 in 1)


· Reactive compensation + harmonic compensation functions
Main fucntions : reactive power compensation and three-phase unbalance , support low-order (1st, 3rd , 5th , 7th , 9th, 11th. 13th ) small capacity (50% rated power) harmonic compensation.

· Secure Reactive Power Compensation
Step-less compensation without over compensation and under compensation, compensate specific capacity that system needs. ASVG is a controllable current device preventing resonance on mechanism, not generating nor amplifying harmonics. At the same time, it can filter 13th order and lower odd harmonics

· Componentized application
Modular design and rack mount design make it easy for installation. ASVG adopts modular product design and cabinet installation engineering design, which is easy to install.

Problems With Power Quality

Common phenomena caused by power quality problems


The source of the above phenomenon may be due to the power quality problems in the power grid system.

What Is Perfect Power Quality


1.With the development of technology, more and more energy-saving and efficiency products and technologies are applied to the power system, which improves the effciency of power application, but produces a series of power quality problems simultaneously;

2.Electric energy is the most widely used energy source after conversion of multiple energy sources. Users are increasingly dependent on electric energy, and high-quality electric energy is the backbone of maintaining the stability of users’ complex and functional systems;

3.Considering the whole life cycle of a building, building a high-quality power system can improve the power application efficiency and stability of the system, and get the greatest investment value ultimately.

How To Achieve Perfect Power Quality

Power Quality Product Series for Flexible AC Transmission System

——The “flexibility” is applied to the power quality management of power system, and finally achieve a perfect power quality with THDi 5%, PF 0.99, and three-phase balance.

ASVG Principle

Operating Principle

The enhanced static var generator (ASVG) detects the load current in real time through an external current transformer (CT), extracts the reactive components of the load current through internal DSP calculations, and then sends the PWM signal to the internal IGBT to control the inverter to produce reactive current and low harmonic current to meet the requirements, for the purpose of reactive compensation and harmonics.

ASVG Product Details


Design Convenient For System To Be Integrated


Independent Air Flue

The unique multi-layer space heat dissipation design can effectively isolate environmental dust adhesion and improve product heat dissipation efficiency. There is no need to consider additional environmental factors during the design process, and it can adapt to different environmental systems.


Modular Design

Adopt modular design, small in size and light in weight, and not require cranes, forklifts and other large equipment during installation, a saver of time and energy. Wall-mounted design, flexible installation, especially suitable for small places.


Flexibility and Stabilization

Two capacity modules of 75A and 150A can be combined with any capacity. And the capacity of a single cabinet can reach 1500A to meet different capacity requirements. Any module can realize all functions, and if any module has a problem, the remaining modules can operate normally to ensure the continuity of the safe operation of the system.

Good Human-Computer Interaction Experience


YiY APF is equipped with a variety of monitoring methods for different models, including 3.8-inch LCD display, 4.3-inch color screen, 8-inch full-color LCD screen and mobile phone app to meet different needs of users.


Through the mobile app, users can clearly understand the power quality improvement of the system, such as system waveform diagram, spectrum diagram, current RMS, THDi, THDu, power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, etc

ASVG Technical Parameter

System parameter
working line voltage(V) 400±15%
working frequency(Hz) 50/60( range:45Hz~63Hz)
wiring system Three phase three wire or three phase four wire
Circuit topology Three-level circuit
Number of parallel connection unlimited(Maximum: 6 pcs)
Performance index
Reactive power output 50kvar 100kvar
Reactive power compensation available
Unbalance compensation available
Harmonic capability able to filter 2 ~ 13 harmonics
Compensation scope Continuously adjustable from – 1 ~ 1
Neutral output capacity 2 times the phase line
Power factor ≥0.99
Overall efficiency >97%
Response time <50us
Total response time <5ms
Control algorithm Multi rotation coordinate, vector and instantaneous reactive power algorithm
IGBT frequency 20kHz
Self diagnosis and protection function Available
Air cooling mode Smart air cooling
Noise index ≤55dB
Communication monitoring
communication interface RS485、RS232
Communication protocol Modbus protocol, Custom protocol
Module display interface LCD color touch screen; LCD screen
Monitoring Independent monitoring, centralized monitoring for spare parts
Structural characteristics
Dimension(mm, H×W×D) 200×440×410 200×440×540
Installation way Wall mounted and drawer mounted
Incoming line mode Rear entry line
Weight(kG) 28 36
Ambient temperature
Protection degree IP20, other IP levels can be customized
Ambient temperature ﹣10℃ ~40℃
Relative humidity MAX95%, No condensation
Altitude 2000m, 2000m~4000m According to the national standard GB / T 3859.2, the power will be reduced by 1% every 100m
Transformer capacity (KVA) capacity Mounting type Number of cabinets Whole cabinet dimension
315 100 Cabinet type 1 1000*1000*2200
630 200
800 250
1000 300
1250 400
1600 500
2000 600
2500 750
3000 1000