February 19, 2019

How Lifepo4 battery energy storage system works?

Here at YIY company we’re always looking ahead for ideas and technologies that can help us solve problems for our customers. One of those technologies is battery energy storage.


Some of customers who buy battery from us do not know how to wire and connect. These may cause connection error or extra cost from solar company in local.

That is why YIY has this idea to build storage system to pack all components together.

Modern battery energy storage systems usually include inverter and solar charge controller and MPPT. This means they’re all-in-one, they are simple to install, largely maintenance-free, and don’t require any effort or expertise from the owner. They’re also weatherproof and safe for people and pets.

We sells some systems to Africa already and they give us positive feedback. This is our impetus to do research.


We have three capacity now and In the rest of this series, we’ll explore these opportunities in more depth. One is 10.3KWH, one is 15.4KWH and another one is 25.6KWH.

Whether you’re a homeowner wanting to offset your electricity bills or a commercial property owner committed to reducing your carbon footprint, we’ll design and install the ideal solution for you.

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